Zaya Lite


Zaya Lite – Zaya’s personalized learning platform without pre-made content and Cloud functionality completely for free to schools and non-profits. This platform is currently available on the ClassCloud Hardware which schools can buy at just Rs. 40,000 ($600).

Full functionality of our Personalized Learning Platform – Create personalized playlist using Curello for your classrooms, individual students, teachers. Easily add learning resources, homework, reading material to these playlists and track student progress across it. If you use the Online version you can also enable a flipped classroom where students can continue learning at home.

Who should be interested –

  • Organizations that have just one standalone school or learning lab and wish to use personalized learning with their own content.
  • Teachers who prefer adding their own content and assessments for their students
  • Tracking student progress and reports locally in the school
  • Schools with no or poor internet infrastructure


• 24/7 wireless education content in your school
• Supports unlimited number of downloads of education content
• Tracks student and teacher usage
• Excellent option for computer or tablet labs, staff rooms and libraries