Meet Rahul Dsouza, Director of Engineering & Co-Founder of Zaya Learning Labs

Rahul is the Director of Engineering and the Co-Founder of Zaya Learning Labs. Rahul currently heads a team of enthusiastic developers and designers to build out Zaya’s proprietary software. Apart from this, Rahul is extremely passionate about saving dogs and has started AdoptThemPuppies, a Trello-inspired platform to adopt puppies from different litters.

Now let’s hear from Rahul…

My first impression of Zaya was based on what it was building, which at that point was the ClassCloud. I was amazed at the concept and found it really interesting, not just from a technical standpoint but also by the problems in the education sector that it was trying to solve.

When I joined Zaya, 4 years ago there was an in-house lab where students came to learn. The minute I saw that, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. This would be a fun place to work at. Zaya has grown immensely over time and so have I. Since it was a startup, I had the opportunity to play multiple roles over the years. From being an engineer to being a manager to now being the co-founder. Zaya has enabled me to broaden my perspectives.

Since we had a small team, we were able to gain a lot of exposure and to work on things that were not tech related as well.

I have seen Zaya’s user base grow as well the number of schools and users. I feel as the years pass and schools and times are transforming so are people’s mindsets. They are becoming more and more open to adopting different methods of learning. As a new generation of teachers comes in, there are also new advancements in technology that could enrich the experience teachers have in the classroom.


I joined Zaya with an open mind, the idea of “access to education” was something that stood out to me. Not everyone has access to education and being able to build something to solve that problem, was quite interesting. Every day at Zaya is a new challenge that I look forward to. Even though it’s been 4 years, I feel like there is something different and something new that I learn every day.

Be it from Neil or my team-mates or even people from the different teams that I have the opportunity to interact with on a daily basis. My goal for 2018 is to improve the level of personalization we offer to our users. So that we can effectively improve their learning outcomes.

Over the next few years, I see Zaya making tremendous progress. We have understood our users and market and are getting to a place where they can figure out how to move on from challenges.