Our very friendly “plug-and-play” ClassCloud is a portable, classroom specific wireless device with an adaptive learning platform designed to store, access, and deploy curriculum and content in classrooms with full internet connectivity, intermittent connectivity or no connectivity.

Limited connectivity, which means a school saves annually upto $1200 per class, on connectivity costs alone. Also Zaya’s implementation, results in 200 and more students studying on 20 tablets, with per student costs as little as approximately $2 a month. This makes Zaya’s Class Cloud the cheapest solution available globally.

ClassCloud Overview:

  • Equipped with intelligent analytics engine
  • Helps stream media
  • Built-in wireless designed for the classroom
  • Intel based Celeron processor
  • Storage of 500GB for local caching
  • Seamless backup and integration with online Cloud storage and analytics
  • Allows for battery backup up to 4 hours
  • Allows for syncing new content
  • Integration of local content made easy
  • Aids in seamless online/offline transition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


1. Integrated with the ClassCloud hardware
2. Syncing seamlessly data from offline to online mode
3. Easy to license content
4. Upload your own content and tag it for rich analytics
5. Built-in recommendation engine to personalize course for each student